Remodel Your Life (RYL) Workshop

Remodel Your Life (RYL) Workshop


Transform your life and rediscover your true self with our exclusive women-led workshop, where you’ll unlock your potential, break free from limitations, and embrace self-discovery like never before.

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Emerge yourself into truly who you are!

This workshop, exclusive to Beyond NLP Coaching, is for women, run by women. It will teach and encourage you to reclaim and take control of your life, and remodel it to eliminate past concerns and embrace your new, enlightened self. Unlock the mysteries of your past and discover how to modify your way of thinking and processing, to create the best version of yourself!

You will be empowered to find solutions to reclaim what you believe is lost and have more of an understanding about the way your mind processes experiences that may have a negative impact on your life. Most importantly, you will discover how to maintain the changes you make for yourself and implement them in future.

How much are you willing to invest in yourself now to create worthiness? There is no price to put on self-healing and discovery!

What is involved and what you will learn:

  • A new topic each week
  • Explore your values – what are you missing out on and how can you attain it?
  • Create behavioural patterns for success
  • The brain map finally explained
  • Worksheets and tasks
  • Habits and how they are formed
  • Group talks
  • Introduction to Time Line Therapy®
  • Food habits, nutrition, vitamins and the endocrine system
  • Achievement recipes
  • Understand the difference between your “needs” and “must haves”
  • What it takes to have and build confidence
  • Raising your standards to bring fulfilment and satisfaction back into your life
  • Meditation and hypnosis during each session
  • Learn to tap into your subconscious, finding resources within yourself that you never knew you possessed.
  • You will receive live meditation recordings from each session to listen to at home

Who is it for:

You are a woman who has a passionate desire to change your world, and to strive for self-improvement.  You have had enough with the limitations you’ve created for yourself and are fully committed to creating dramatic changes in your world. You are hungry for growth and new beginnings.  You are determined, with a powerful need to succeed. This workshop is for YOU!

This will be a memorable experience to achieve BEYOND the limitations you have each set yourselves. Are you ready to feel empowered to take the next crucial steps in your life’s journey?

Date: Wednesday 14th, 21st and 28th of August
Time: 6:00pm to 9:00pm Wednesday's
Trainer: Sarah Chemaissem
Duration: 12 Hours (4 hour sessions for three weeks)
Location: Campbelltown