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 Sarah Chemaissem

Coach with me

Coach with me

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m here to tell you a little about myself.

As a mother of three wonderful children, I understand the challenges that adults are faced with. I understand the feeling of being caught in a never ending cycle of busy. I also know what it is like to feel frustrated with the all the clutter of life, whether it be emotional, physical or financial. This makes it feel that it’s almost impossible to chase after one’s dreams. This may make you feel tense, lost or even overwhelmed. Past traumas can also weigh you down and prevent you from taking on new life challenges. I once fell into that trap; but I saw it to the end and came through on the bright side.

Through my journey of self-discovery, I stumbled across Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy. Just like these techniques helped me fulfill my dreams, I use them to help you embrace ease & contentment, to get unbusy and find a life balance. I’ve been where you are now before. I was hard on myself for so long. I finally decided to not blindly follow the path that’s expected of me & to create my own.

Together, through these tools, we can work together to inspire the change you want to see in yourself.

What you’d expect to see with me…

I work with the creatives, dreamers, thinkers, feelers, self-doubters, worriers, people pleasers & the perfectionists. You name it, I’ve seen it all! As your NLP practitioner, you should know that I bring the same passion into every session. I believe in honesty, transparency, respect and resilience. I help push you to get the results that you need, want & deserve.

Whether you are working with me to overcome anxiety or to increase your confidence, you will not once walk out of the session not feeling a sense of achievement; a breakthrough!. All it takes is commitment. My work is for you if you’re ready to go deep and actually figure yourself out; if you’re not afraid of real, honest self-reflections and self-observations; then it’s time to come on board this journey with me. In my work, I blend a combination of my natural empathic abilities, personal experiences and my professional training to help you throw stuff out and unpack them. Together, we can work towards a simpler, more content life for you.

If you can dream it, you can do it… Stop undermining your own power.

My approach

I believe in the power of mind over matter. Once you set your sights on specific goals, change or new ideas; you most certainly will be able to achieve them. My approach to coaching is a collaborative process for change making. Through my expertise & your intuitive guidance, we can make your life flourish.

From adults struggling with their professional careers to adolescents dealing with negative self-image, I work with a wide range of people from all walks of life.  The one thing they have in common is their dissatisfaction with some aspect of their life. Sometimes, the cause of their dissatisfaction is their whole life! With empathy, skill and detailed understanding, I help them identify what is holding them back and I help provide a solid foundation to build the rest of their life upon.

You deserve not only to like your life, but LOVE it. You only get this one. Move towards growth. Choose your dreams over your negative thoughts. Build a life that makes you proud of who you are and even prouder of who you have become. The only thing stopping you is you.  You know it’s time to make that move, so let’s do it together!

Live Your Dream Life

It’s astounding what one can do with the right guidance. It’s only that they actually don’t know what they’re capable of.

My certifications

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Trainer
  • Certified and Qualified Trainer in Time Line Therapy®
  • Certified  Master  NLP Practitioner & Trainer
  • Diploma of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming
  • Certified Strategic Psychotherapist
  • Diploma Strategic Psychotherapist & Strategic Hypnotherapist
  • Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist


  • ABH American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer 
  • ABH American Board of Hypnotherapy Trainer 
  • ABH American Board of Time Line Therapy® Trainer 
  • AHA Australian Hypnotherapy Association
  • ISPA Strategic Psychotherapy Association 
  • WWA Women With Altitude 


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