Couples Therapy Mastery

Couples Therapy Mastery


This 15 hour workshop, led by therapists for therapists, equips professionals with tools and processes to excel in couples counselling within their own practice.

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A workshop for therapists seeking tools and processes to apply within their practice.

This workshop is run by therapists for therapists and is exclusive to Beyond NLP Coaching. It is directed towards those wishing to engage in a new area of counselling or enhance their knowledge surrounding the tools and processes which can be applied in their own practice.

In this workshop, we will cover the foundational processes of couples counselling and outline the proven ordered process and framework that I take with clients during relationship therapy.

I will walk you through my step-by-step guide (from beginning to end) on how I successfully work with coupled clients. The overall aim is to provide enough information to trained professionals to successfully enhance their couple-counselling skills.

Additionally, we will talk through the formula for success that assists in understanding another person’s wants/desires that is set in a more polite, understanding and open manner. You will learn why listening and understanding are such key factors in ensuring the success of a relationship and how you can train your coupled clients to incorporate it into their relationship.

During this workshop, you will gain an understanding of:

  • The five command processes to follow
  • How to incorporate hypnosis during couples therapy
  • One-on-one and sessions together
  • The crucial need for understanding and listening
  • How financial stress can create conflict
  • The separation of a work-home life
  • Why boundaries are essential
  • How to break unnecessary or harmful patterns

Furthermore, regarding co-education, you will begin to understand:

  • Identifying and understanding each other’s differences to be able to accept each other.
  • Utilising teamwork and how team effort must be involved.
  • The relevant metaphors that deepen the understanding.

How to know if this is for you?

Wishing to learn how to engage with coupled clients, or just looking to build up your skills?

This is a workshop directed to therapists wishing to engage in learning or strengthening their skills for engaging with coupled clients.

All attendees will who sign up for the workshop will receive a 50% discount towards purchasing a pre-ready copy of the couple’s workshop that I utilise within my practice. This book is compiled of information for coupled clients, as well as various activities for them to complete which supplements their appointments.

Are you ready to enhance your skills for counselling your coupled clients, or simply wishing to expand your knowledge?

Whatever it may be, this workshop is tailored to educate trained professionals with the necessary tools for counselling coupled clients.

Date: Thursday 20th June – Saturday 22nd June 2024
Time: 4:00pm to 9.00pm
Trainer: Sarah Chemaissem
Duration: 15 Hours
Location: Online via Zoom