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Pain Management

Pain Management

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How would your life change if you could manage your pain and reduce its discomfort? Are you beginning to fear that there is nothing that can help reduce your pain? Many people seek out only physical treatment for their pain.  It is important to remember that pain is also a psychological and neurological condition, therefore all three aspects, physical, psychological and neurological, need to be addressed.

Pain can be helpful in alerting us to a problem, but sometimes it exists long after it the initial cause of the pain has healed. It can be like a fire alarm that will not turn off even after the fire has been put out. When dealing with symptoms of pain, it is important to first seek medical help.  However, if the pain persists, the healing power of your mind can and should also be employed. When we use it in the right way, our mind has a remarkable and powerful ability to affect our body.

The body has innate resources that act like pain killers.  These are just waiting to be tapped into. Deep inside of you, there is the ability to manage your pain successfully. You just need help gaining access to your own internal healing capacity.

At Beyond NLP, we use NLP and hypnotherapy to help you learn how to manage your pain and break free from the hold it has on you.

How Hypnotherapy And NLP Can Help You

Hypnotic suggestions can help you target different areas of your body, honing in on the places where you are experiencing chronic pain and changing its relationship to the pain receptors in your brain.

    • Hypnosis can change one’s experience of pain by reducing the fear, worry and anxiety that surrounds it.  This makes it easier to manage, allowing you to live a better life, not one perpetually controlled by pain. 
    • You will learn how to reinterpret and even substitute sensations of pain, completely distancing yourself from the chronic pain that is plaguing your mind and body. 
    • Rediscover and re-exert your sense of control by addressing underlying issues such as anger, depression, or anxiety, that may be contributing to your body’s unwillingness to let go of pain. 
    • Redefine your relationship with physical pain symptoms. Learn to empower yourself to recognise pain for what it is. Long after physical pain has been resolved, the psychological and neurological effects still remain, continuing to disrupt your life until you learn to satisfactorily deal with them. 
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As a mother of three wonderful children, I understand the challenges that adults are faced with. I understand the feeling of being caught in a never ending cycle of busy. I also know what it is like to feel frustrated with the all the clutter of life, whether it be emotional, physical or financial. This makes it feel that it’s almost impossible to chase after one’s dreams. This may make you feel tense, lost or even overwhelmed. Past traumas can also weigh you down and prevent you from taking on new life challenges. I once fell into that trap; but I saw it to the end and came through on the bright side.

Through my journey of self-discovery, I stumbled across Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy. Just like these techniques helped me fulfill my dreams, I use them to help you embrace ease & contentment, to get unbusy and find a life balance. I’ve been where you are now before. I was hard on myself for so long. I finally decided to not blindly follow the path that’s expected of me & to create my own.

Together, through these tools, we can work together to inspire the change you want to see in yourself.

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