Weight Loss

On a logistical level, losing weight is not complicated. It requires us to move more and eat less. However, for many of us, losing weight is not nearly that simple. The mechanics of putting these strategies into practice require a deeper level of commitment than many people are equipped to provide.  Until they resolve the underlying thought processes that are contributing to their weight problem, they continue to try and fail in sustaining any weight loss. 

More and more people are turning to hypnotherapists to help them overcome the mental blocks they may have to losing weight. For many people weight is more than just calories in and calories out. It is connected not just to unhealthy habits but also to your beliefs about yourself including your self-worth.

Hypnotherapy is a great adjunct to other weight loss management programs. It gets to the subconscious level of habits and can help to replace unhealthy beliefs with more positive ones. This increases your energy and motivation to live a healthier lifestyle. 

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

  • Takes you beyond the surface conscious level and into the subconscious mind where the barriers to weight loss exist. 
  • In a suggestive state, your hypnotherapist will suggest new and positive ways of thinking about weight loss. 
  • Improve self-worth and body-positive thinking so you begin to nourish yourself more.
  • Gives you the additional support you need to make lasting weight loss changes in your life.

What People Say