Whoever said dreams don’t come true, are the ones that lack trying to make them come true.

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I had a fantastic breakthrough session with Sarah!. She worked wholeheartedly to help me unblock my obstacles that hold me back from achieving my goals and now I’m truly happy and able to fulfill my dreams! Thank you Sarah you are an inspirational and determined women who is committed to make a difference in someone’s life ❤️


I did a session with Sarah on a phobia I had and it just disappeared! Even months later I still don’t have the same reactions I used to with the phobia. Sarah was very professional, caring and kind during the session and I would recommend working with Sarah ❤️

Phobia … Gone!


I had my first session with Sara yesterday 11/9/20! I walked out feeling empowered and inspired to really put myself out there and achieve my goals. Thank you for assisting me to beyond my limiting beliefs!!!


I had my first ever session with Sarah while I was in hospital suffering with pain. We had an over the phone session and in all honesty, half way through the session I felt absolutely no pain in my body at all. We also worked on relieving my anxiety and by the end of the session I felt calm and pain free! By the next day I was out of hospital. Thank you so much Sarah! You’re truly a very gifted person and talking to you was so easy ❤️


I’ve been so happy with Sarah’s medical plan for my special needs I can’t thank you enough I feel myself again and I highly recommend you to anyone who’s suffering and is in need of help thanks my angel and thank god you where sent my way 🙏


I have battled with my emotions for over 2 years. Torn between wanting to understand my feelings or not feel at all. Until I found Sarah. I knew that being on my anti-depressant whilst pregnant with my third child wasn’t the best move; but I also knew that I wasn’t emotionally ready to deal with all that was going on.

Sarah helped me understand the importance of understanding my emotions, feeling them and being able to sit with them. That it’s okay to be sad, angry, guilty and emotional. I spent 14 weeks with Sarah to help me wean off the 100mg a day that I was consuming.

I never knew the impact of hypnotherapy until I tried it. To say it helped is an understatement. I was able to conjure up feelings from when I was a kid, understand why I felt them & sit with them. Her professionalism and caring nature was paramount to my experience.

Sarah was in regular touch with me, to check in on my progress. She understood the complexity of my weaning process. I felt like I wasn’t just another number in the system. She provided me with an action plan to wean off my meds after consulting with my GP.

For a very long time, I thought that I will be on this medication for a decade, maybe more. I never saw an end in sight. To say it was an easy process, I’d be lying. I was in pain, I was a mess, I wasn’t the best version of myself; but I knew with Sarah’s support that there was a light at the end of the tunnel; that I will make it out to see it through.

Her helping nature and holistic approach to mental health was empowering, I have learnt so much from Sarah. She has opened my eyes and allowed me to feel strong and capable of achieving anything.

My weaning journey taught me a lot about my childhood, myself as a woman; and has made me want to look forward to a stronger me; a more resilient person that can withstand all pain; only by understanding it first.

I have a lot to be thankful for.


Very cathartic process. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about facing issues head on and bringing about positive change for themselves in their lives.


Sarah helped me to overcome fatigue, tinnitus, sound sensitivity and reduce body itch: stuff that has been with me over 30 years! As a surprising bonus, I gained more confidence, happiness and certainty in life. What a gift! Sarah is a dedicated, caring, confident and knowledgeable professional that I highly recommend if you want to resolve physical and emotional issues.


Sarah’s hypnotherapy sessions are life changing! She is extremely professional, understanding & highly experienced.
I first saw Sarah 25/11/20. Over the last 3 months she has helped me break through mental barriers, while challenging myself to excel on my own path. After each session i instantly feel motivated & inspired, while learning something new about myself along the way.
I highly recommend her services for anyone looking to make a positive breakthrough. She will not disappoint.


I went to Sarah to solve one problem that’s been affecting me my entire life. During my session with her, after the questions and discussions back and forth, it lead us to address a bigger problem that is linked to my parents. I have never in my life questioned why do I have that problem, I might’ve questioned it briefly if anything, but never sat down and thought about it. I can honestly say, I went to Sarah to solve a problem, but came out with solving a deeper and more important problem that had a big impact on my relationship with my parents. I don’t believe I have ever said I love you to my mom and actually meant it until I had my session with Sarah. I can’t say enough how much I thank God for allowing me to discover Sarah and have a deep discussion with her to be able to solve my problem. Thank you Sarah 🙂


Prior to seeing Sarah, I was at a point in my life where I was constantly in a dark place. I saw a psychologist for three years and still felt stuck. With deep unsolved issues dating back to my childhood, I always thought these feelings will live with me forever.

A dear friend recommended Sarah and I wont lie I was very skeptical that this wouldn’t even work. With nothing to loose, I contacted Sarah and with just a simple phone call, I connected with her instantly. She gave me hope. Let’s just say within a few sessions, I had received a breakthrough like no other.

I have been seeing Sarah for at least six months now and my life has completely turned around. Everyone around me can see it, my family can see it and most importantly, my children can not only see it but they have never been happier.

This therapy has helped me immensely, so much so, that I have decided to take the opportunity to become an NLP practitioner and help people the same way it has helped me. I have grown so much in the little time I have known Sarah and have achieved things I never thought possible.

I cannot express enough how much Sarah has changed my life. I have never met anyone with the passion she has to help people. She goes out of her way to do whatever it takes, to help through every person’s journey. Thankyou so much Sarah for the compassion you show every session and for giving me the experience of a lifetime. I wish I met you earlier.


My journey with sarah has changed my life inside and out! Shes very knowledgeable,caring and amazing at what she does. I am continually evolving amd growing with her help and services its a life changer.


Sarah has changed my life forever such a professional with incredible knowledge. I have some much confidence and self worth iv become a strong women and have accomplished so much after years of not believing in myself, obsessive cleansing no self worth. Sarah has worked with me and read me like no one has ever before. I highly recommend Sarah she will change your life ,an amazing women!

 Rana Aouad

Sarah is truly passionate about what she does and that is what makes her so special, she will make sure you are at your best. I highly highly highly recommend her to anyone going through anything in life, you honestly will not regret it she will do her best in making sure you get the results you need!

Sana Hajeid

I had trouble dealing with anxiety and my self confidence for a while, until i met Sarah and started doing sessions with her. She helped me so much in becoming more confident in myself and in life in general and i cant thank her enough. Shes an angel and is so genuine about wanting to help people.


Loved my sessions with Sarah. Learnt so much about myself and my childhood trauma and also worked on a few blocks in my career. Grateful to have met her.


Throughout my struggle with anxiety, self doubt and marital issues, I went to many therapists Who were just numbing me until I had to go on medication for anxiety and insomnia. Then one day, a friend recommended Sarah for me. From the first session, I saw her, I knew deep inside that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. The way she listens, the way she cares, is just beyond words. She’s very passionate about what shes does and gives beyond limits. She helped me release the emotions that unvolontarily kept me stuck for around 32 years since my very early childhood trauma. She taught me how to let my conscious mind take over the mission. She showed me how important it is to accept our thoughts and feelings but choose not to be victims of them and instead be optimistic and think positive.

She helped me reach a more understanding of my spuce through her counselling and my marriage is alot better and filled with more understanding.
Looking back 4 months ago and comparing then by how I became now, I can tell I am happier, healthier, more connected to myself, wiser and more optimistic.
Million thank you Sarah, I can never thank you enough.

I pray that all the great help you offered to others is returned to you billions.


I met Sarah approximately six months ago, after the first session she changed my perspective on so matters I had concluded in my mind. She opened my eyes to the power I have to make the changes I desire, the power of my thoughts and how they carry out in life and taught me how to become associated with myself again. I’m continually evolving with Sarah and learning that there really is no end to self growth and success.

Sara O

Sarah, what an amazing women you’re, not only have you help me heal and conquer different emotions through timeline therapy, I have a better understanding of my self and skills to help others through the NLP course.
Thank you Sarah 🙏


Sarah has a unique and influential outlook to life . She is inspirational and is a leader for such a positive and realistic approach to life. Her analogies and stories make every situation relatable and possible for change. She has changed my life in more ways that she will ever know and continues to share her abundance of wisdom with the world. She has made me believe that there is a way through anything and that I am that power and control. I think everyone needs a Sarah in their life.


After 2 years of dealing with grief, I convinced myself that I was okay. That I was dealing with the pain. That the trauma is something I’ll grow from. It wasn’t until seeing Sarah that I truly realised how much of my grief I had internalised. Learning about the impacts of keeping it all in, and what that could do to my body in the short and long term was truly eye opening. Thank you for allowing me to shed some heavy weight off my shoulders & feel lighter in every sense of the word.


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