Relationship Breakthrough

Relationships make up the foundation of your life. They can be the sources of our greatest happiness and most unrelenting pain. If we come from families that model unhealthy relationships, this can become the only blueprint we possess for our future relationships.  If you have a history of traumatic relationships, then maintaining healthy connections to others can be difficult.  This becomes problematic, because we need successful, healthy relationships in order to have a meaningful, rewarding life. 

NLP and TimeLine Therapy is a therapeutic process that can help eliminate the painful emotions attached to experiences and memories of the past. It can help you benefit from the lessons from the past while understanding and processing the possible pain and limiting beliefs attached to them. If you are stuck in the past, Relationship Breakthrough is a powerful tool that can break the bonds your own history has placed on you. These can and do stop you from creating healthy relationships in the present and future. 

When we are tied to unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and others, we fear taking the risks needed to step out of our comfort zone to create the wonderful life we truly deserve. NLP and TimeLine Therapy can help you clear unresolved negative beliefs from your past that stop you from creating healthy relationships.

Some examples of unhealthy beliefs are

  • “I am not good enough.” 
  • “I don’t deserve it.”
  • “They would never like me.”
  • “I am going to be rejected.”
  • “It’s too risky to put myself out there”. 

 NLP and TimeLine Therapy offers client quick results that are also long-lasting. This approach enables access to different levels of the mind, effectively clearing chains of emotions, rather than dealing with one emotion at a time.  These chains of unhealthy beliefs and emotions may be, and often are, connected to multiple events. This technique gets to the root of what is holding you back from forming trusting, healthy relationships, and builds clear pathways to fixing it. 


How It Can Help

    • Reprograms your thinking, removing habits that sabotage healthy and rewarding relationships. 
    • Eliminates unhealthy beliefs and emotions that cause one to feel unworthy and alone in life.
    • Healthy communication and conflict management is also integrated to help you navigate relationships in a constructive and empowering way. 
    • Helps you to cultivate trust in yourself and others, allowing you to easily form healthy connections.
    • It can help you build confidence in yourself, empowering you to go after the relationships you truly want in your life, not just the ones you are willing to settle for.

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