Quit Smoking

Smoking is a habit that is often used as a coping mechanism for underlying stress and anxiety. Most smokers hate this habit and wish they could stop and never smoke again, yet they can’t seem to quit. Despite knowing numerous health consequences from smoking, they continue with this habit. The nicotine addiction is deeply rooted in one’s subconscious mind. There are a number of triggers, both conscious and sub-conscious, that cause them to continue lighting up. 

Smoking is both a physical and mental addiction, which is why simply just quitting and going through the few days of withdrawal is not enough. You need to target the deeper mental subconscious that keeps the addiction in place. Even after you have quit for a week or more, the overwhelming urge to have a smoke after dinner, or during a stressful day, or after having a few drinks is still there. Your mind has learned that smoking is a good way to cope with life’s challenges. It has convinced you that you need to smoke in order to cope and that if you stop smoking the results will be calamitous. Your mind is a powerful thing.  Hypnotherapy can harness that power and use it to change this deep-seated programming, so you will no longer have these urges and cravings. 

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

    • It allows you to attack your addiction from multiple angles, not just on the physical level. 
    • It helps you go beneath the surface to see precisely what beliefs and thoughts are linked to lighting a cigarette. 
    • It provides you with the tools to permanently change your subconscious smoking habit and keep you smoke-free forever. 

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