Parental Guidance workshop

Be the perfect person you want to see in others

Model the same behaviour you wish to see in your children

Is parenthood a constant battle? The little ones cry all the time, often for no reason whatsoever, unless getting on your last nerve is a reason.  The middle ones are fighting with their best friend or waging war on homework, or both. The big ones are sullen, argumentative and pout…a lot.

No child comes with an instruction manual. We are all left to figure it out alone and often we don’t trust that we’re making sound decisions.

Do you often feel you are struggling to cope?

You feel overwhelmed with all your responsibilities, with work, partner, family & friends all clamouring for your attention.  You sometimes feel there’s nothing left in the tank for the kids, or worse, yourself.

You feel as though you are short-changing your children, even though you’re passionate about being the best parent you can be.  You simply lack the energy and the resources. Sometimes you don’t even know what you lack, you just know that part of the puzzle is missing.

Are you undermining yourself, wasting your energy on non-essential things, leaving little time to devote to the people who really matter, your children?

If any of this is ringing any alarm bells for you, this workshop will do wonders for the way you approach raising your children. 

If you are looking for new ways of seeing and doing things in your family, re-setting the flawed and broken patterns you have built up over time, then this workshop is the place to start.

Together, we’ll explore new communication methods and discover new techniques to deal with age- old problems.

Instead of feeling stressed, worn out and overwhelmed, we will investigate ways to re-structure our life’s timetable, shining the rational light of perspective on our insanely busy daily routine.

We will share life experiences and solutions that have worked for others and are already tried and tested.  In the sharing, we will discover that we are not alone.  That others are just as frazzled and just as flawed as you believe yourself to be.  You’ll also find that there is a way through and the journey will be worthwhile in the end.

This workshop will be a stress-free zone.  In a relaxed environment, with plenty of laughs and no judgments about how we parent, we’ll be more receptive to exploring different options before taking them home to experiment with them on our own kids.

We will implement change for the things that really matter, making internal behavioural adjustments to ourselves and our children, in order that we might better communicate with each other.

Small changes on an ongoing basis can and will bring a brighter, more comfortable, more relaxed way to up bring our children.

What will I take away:

  •  Confidence and strength as a parent
  • Helpful advice and support to help you work on problem areas where you believe you could do better
  • New ways to structure your daily timetable so that it works for you, not against you
  •  Ways to find time for yourself, to recharge and re-energise

Hearing other parents’ experiences, their lists of “Do’s & Donts” is empowering.  You notice the similarities with your own struggles.  You begin to realise that all parents undergo difficult periods, sometimes even seemingly hopeless periods, yet we survive them and with help, we can flourish in the face of adversity.

 Time: 3 Hours                                      Cost: $180 pp

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