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Goal setting

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Goal setting

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Is goal setting something you find difficult?

You have all the ideas but find it difficult to categorise them? 

If you’re having difficulty setting goals and taking a proactive approach to life, then my approach to hypnotherapy can help you immensely. 

In order to set goals, it’s important to clarify what we want from our life. It’s very easy to state what we don’t want, but difficult to get down to what we actually want. Many individuals find setting goals difficult because they have avoidant personalities and cannot commit to setting goals. 

Through work together we can determine a critical pathway for you so you set goals and successfully achieve them. Through NLP, we can ensure that your goals are congruent and we are not wasting time figuring out what works best for you! 

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As a mother of three wonderful children, I understand the challenges that adults are faced with. I understand the feeling of being caught in a never ending cycle of busy. I also know what it is like to feel frustrated with the all the clutter of life, whether it be emotional, physical or financial. This makes it feel that it’s almost impossible to chase after one’s dreams. This may make you feel tense, lost or even overwhelmed. Past traumas can also weigh you down and prevent you from taking on new life challenges. I once fell into that trap; but I saw it to the end and came through on the bright side.

Through my journey of self-discovery, I stumbled across Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy. Just like these techniques helped me fulfill my dreams, I use them to help you embrace ease & contentment, to get unbusy and find a life balance. I’ve been where you are now before. I was hard on myself for so long. I finally decided to not blindly follow the path that’s expected of me & to create my own.

Together, through these tools, we can work together to inspire the change you want to see in yourself.

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Goal setting

Session length predictions 1-12 sessions






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